The Ultimate Gift Guide for Solo Travelers

Have you already started thinking about what to get people for Christmas or do you have an upcoming birthday party? I know how hard it can be to find something suitable for that person in the family who’s always off on adventures, because I am that person! That’s why I’ve put together the ultimate gift guide with things that I know a solo traveler like me would love!

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1. Foldable Water Bottle

This foldable water bottle is PERFECT to give to a traveler! As you can hear on the name it’s foldable – a game changer for when you don’t have that much space in your bag.

2. Kindle

I’ve appreciated my Kindle so much and this is an amazing thing to have with you when you’re traveling solo! The fact that you’re able to read a book wherever you are without bringin the physical book with you is why this is a great gift!

3. Microfiber Towel

Any traveler appreciates a microfiber towel as it doesn’t take up as much space as a normal towel. This is a great gift that can be used anywhere, anytime!

4. Instax Mini 11

A polaroid camera is the perfect gift for a solo traveler! I’ve brought mine with me on every travel I’ve done since I got it and I’m so grateful for the memories it’s captured. I put all the polaroid pictures I take on my fridge and it makes me happy every time I see them!

5. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are travel-must-haves! It makes packing so much easier and gives you more space in your luggage. When you’re traveling it’s amazing to be able to keep your things organized, which is one of the reasons why this a great gift!

6. Travel Journal

What better way is there to remember your travels by than documenting it in a travel journal? I love the look of this one, it’s very simple which makes it a suitable gift for anyone.

7. Door Stop Alarm

This is something that hopefully will not be needed – but you can never stay too safe while traveling! If you’re looking for a gift for someone that might be staying alone in a hotel room, a door stop alarm might be a good gift for them.

8. Cable Organizer

A travel cable organizer is great for travelers. It helps keeping your things organized and easier to find.

9. Neck Pillow

A neck pillow with memory foam is an easy choice when you’re unsure of what to give someone! This one is so comfy and can be attached to a bag – I absolutely love having it with me on my travels.

10. Travel Perfume Bottles

These perfume bottles are perfect for traveling; they are the size of a lipstick and can easily be refilled. The perfect gift in other words!

11. Silk Eye Mask

I love getting some beauty sleep even while traveling, and these silk eye masks are a great way of achieving that. They don’t take up any space and makes sleeping on planes, buses, trains and so on so much easier!

12. Hanging Toiletry Bag

This hanging toiletry bag is a must-have and the perfect gift. The different compartmens are made of waterproof material and there’s even one compartment for jewelry!

13. Waterproof Phone Case

I used these waterproof phone cases when I was in Mexico and they kept my phone completely dry! It was so much fun being able to take pictures under water and I think anyone would enjoy these.

14. Leakproof Travel Bottles

Leakproof travel bottles are for sure needed when traveling, and these ones are very simple yet cute! Another great thing is that they are TSA-approved.

15. Universal Travel Adapter

Before I went on my 5 month solo trip I had to buy a universal travel adapter, and I thought it was such a boring purchase! I would have much rather got it as a gift, because I for sure needed it. Buy this as a gift and save the person you’re giving it to the struggle!

Those are 15 things that I think most travelers need, and that’s why they are the perfect gifts! Let me know in the comments which item is your favorite or if you know other great travel gifts.

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