Top 10 Items You Need To Stay Safe Traveling

Whether you’re planning a solo backpacking trip or a family vacation, one thing that should always be at the top of your checklist is safety. From unexpected twists during city explorations to off-the-grid adventures, being prepared can make all the difference.

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you about the must-have items that’ll keep you covered and secure during your travels. So, grab your passport and let’s dive into the essentials for a worry-free journey!

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Here’s the top 10 items you need to stay safe traveling:

Now let’s get more into detail as to why these things are a great addition to your packing to stay safe during your travels!

Door stop alarm

No matter if you are solo traveling or with a company, a door stop alarm could be a great thing to pack. Put it under the door to your room and this door stop will set off an alarm in case someone tries to open the door.

Rfid wallet

In my opinion an RFID wallet would be smart to use in your daily life and not only when you’re traveling. Unfortunately digital theft is becoming more and more common, but with an RFID wallet you don’t have to worry. This helps keep your credit cards and ID’s safe from cloning and scanning.

Fanny pack

This fanny pack is a great alternative to a purse as it keeps your valuables close and much easier to keep an eye on. It also leaves your hands free (this is always good since you’ll be able to take lots of photos without struggling, for example) and has

Undercover fanny pack

If you don’t want to or need to bring a lot of stuff in your bag on your excursions, I would recommend using an undercover fanny pack. This allows you to wear it underneath your clothes, minimizing the risk of theft even more, as no one will see that you are wearing it!

Personal alarm

I received a personal alarm like these ones from my mom last christmas, and for a long time couldn’t figure out how to actually activate it. When I eventually found out and tried it, I was convinced of its advantages straight away thanks to the immensly loud sound that it produced. Not only does it provide a sense of security in potentially risky situations, but its piercing sound can also attract attention and help deter potential threats, making it an invaluable safety device for solo travelers.

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Cable locks

It’s always a good idea to bring cable locks with you when traveling! In many hostels, storage boxes lack locks, leaving your belongings vulnerable. Even if you trust your dorm mates, you just never know what can happen. I once had my top stolen from a hostel in Mexico while I stepped away for just a few minutes. It wasn’t valuable, but I still miss it! While you may not need to lock up all your clothes, securing your valuables is a must. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Bra wallet

Here’s another great option to keep your things safe while traveling. This wallet is meant to attach to your bra, which will hide your valuables and keep them secure and easily reachable.

Scarf with hidden pocket

Not a fan of the bra wallet? Don’t worry! This scarf is perfect for vacations with milder temperatures. What makes it so good is that you can put your valuables in it. This will help you feel calmer as you can focus on your surroundings and sightseeings without worrying about your purse!

Drink cover scrunchie

This is one of my favorites!! Going out drinking in a foreign country can feel very scary and unsafe. During my 5-month backpacking trip, I only partied a few times because I was not comfortable or trusted everyone around me. If I had had this drink cover (which works perfectly as a scrunchie when not in use) at that time, I would have felt so much safer! Not having to worry about someone trying to put something in your drink really eases the mind and gives you more room to enjoy.

With that said, I think it’s always a good idea to not drink too much and be aware of your surroundings when solo traveling. Also, always let your family and friends know about your whereabouts and plans!

Drink spiking test

I wish I didn’t have to recommend this, but I do think it’s good for your safety to actually have tests that can show if your drink has been spiked or not.

Lastly, stay safe out there! The world is amazing and there’s so much to see, but it would be naive to think that everyone can be trusted and means no harm.