Lifesaver-Travel-Items that you need to bring in your bag!

When my partner and I traveled to Barcelona two weeks ago with only personal items as luggage, we definitely had to think twice about what we were going to pack in our backpacks. How would we fit everything we needed for a week in a bag that had to go beneath the seat in front of us on the flight?!

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Packing cubes

Well, something that helped us so much were packing cubes! I bought these ones from Amazon more than a year ago and have used them so much, including during my 5 month backpacking trip last year!

Here’s a picture from when I used packing cubes for my backpacking trip. I managed to fit so much of my clothes in there, even a microfiber towel! Some of the things I fit were running tights, a longsleeve shirt, several pairs of shorts and skirts, and a lot of tops! I would definitely recommend buying these packing cubes: click here to see more!

Microfiber towel

Another thing I always bring is a microfiber towel. When you’re staying in hotels you usually get towels to use, but say you’re going to the beach: who wants to use the same sandy towel from the beach after having a shower later that day? Not me! I also tend to get cold on planes, so I always keep my microfiber towel in my bag beneath the seat so I can use it as a blanket. It has really changed my travels for the better! Here’s one that I would recommend buying, it comes in different sizes and colors for your own personal preference:

Hanging toiletry bag

I love to stay organized when I travel and that’s why this hanging toiletry bag is a LIFESAVER! What I’ve been missing is a way to store my jewelries, but girls, this one has the answer! Except for the fact that all the compartments are made of waterproof material, it also has a front pocket designed for jewelry storage. And, the bag is easy to hang which for me that has stayed in a lot of hostels is a must. It comes in pink or black and there are two different sizes to choose from. Click here if you want to invest in this for your next travels!

Leakproof travel bottles

Do I need to say more than leakproof travel bottles? This makes it so much easier to bring your schampoo, coniditioner, lotion etc. instead of bringing big bottles of it! If you are traveling carry-on-only, this is even more of a necessity as it’s the perfect size and TSA friendly. The ones I’ve had before weren’t leakproof, which sometimes has caused a bit of a mess… Don’t make the same mistake as I did! Go buy these now!

These are four of my go-to items that I’ll always bring on my travels! Do you have other things you always bring in your bag? I’d love to hear about it!

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