AMAZING Flight Essentials – 5 Must Have Travel Items!

Anyone that’s been on a flight knows how uncomfortable it can be. Not a lot of leg room or space in general, but there are some things that for sure will make it better! I traveled solo for 5 consecutive months last year, and some things I brought on my flights were game changers. I want to help you guys have the same experience as me! Therefore, I’ve made a list of 5 things that are MUST HAVES when flying.

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Neck pillow

This Neck pillow with memory foam inside changed my sleep quality on flights SO much! It fits perfectly around your neck because of the memory foam, and prevents your head from falling down or to the sides. It has so many perks and I love it! I used it as a normal pillow when I had long layovers and had to sleep at the airport, and it’s also very easy to bring with you because it can be clipped to your bag. Top tier advice if you need more space for your luggage: the memory foam inside the pillow is removable (it has a zipper on the back of it) which means you can fill it up with socks, underwear and other things that don’t fit in your luggage, which still makes the pillow comfortable to use! Click here to find it on amazon!

Silk eye mask

The second thing that I never would forget to pack for my travels is a silk eye mask. I have tried several but the ones that are silk are the BEST! I’m not very sensitive to light when I’m sleeping back home in my bed, but traveling is a different topic. This makes my flights more comfortable – it gives me a feeling of privacy which makes it so much easier to fall asleep. Imagine the neck pillow and a silk eye mask, it would make sleeping on flights easier for anyone! These masks come in a pack of 2 for a great price and can be found here!

Airplane phone holder

Do you ever struggle with how to watch movies and shows on your phone comfortably? Well, here’s something that you’ve been missing! An airplane phone holder is in my opinion the solution to so many travel problems, as this can be used in other places than flights too, like at the gate, in the car and so on. I’ve always struggled with trying to keep my phone on the tray table on flights, because a lot of times I don’t want to have to hold it in my hand in case I fall asleep (AND not to mention that it is uncomfortable.). This phone holder is very lightweight and folds into a small “brick” which makes it easy to bring with you anywhere, and will probably make your flight neighbors jealous! Buy it here!

Airplane pocket organizer

Always when I sit down in my seat on a flight, I try to organize my personal belongings like my phone, headphones and water bottle so I can access them easily. That’s however not a very easy thing to do, which most of you might already know as well. The pocket on airplanes are very small and not easy to fit things in, which is why this airplane pocket organizer is everything and more! You just put it as a cover on the tray and voilà – suddenly you have your own organized pocket that gives you more space! It’s also water resistant, machine washable and lightweight. How amazing isn’t that? You can find the link here!

Refillable mini travel perfume bottle

Last but not least: after a long flight and not feeling very clean, I love to spray some perfume to “freshen up”. This refillable mini travel perfume bottle is perfect for when you can’t bring the whole bottle on the flight because of liquid limitations. It is the size of a lipstick, holds up to 5 ml and has an easy way of filling it. You just remove the cap of your perfume bottle, put the bottom of this mini bottle on the nozzle of the perfume and repeatedly press it up and down to fill in the perfume. Bring it on your next flight and you’re good to go! Buy it here and enjoy smelling great when getting off the plane!

Of course, I have tons of more must-have-items, but these are some that definitely help me when I travel! Comment below to let me know what things you always bring on a flight!