21 Carry-on Essentials For a Better Flight

Having traveled with a carry-on-only for 5 consecutive months, I know a thing or two about items that makes the flight better. Traveling can be exhausting, especially if the flight is uncomfortable. That’s why I always try to make it as smooth as possible, so I can enjoy the destination as soon as I get there! Here’s a list of 21 things I find essential to bring in your carry-on. Keep reading to the end of the list to not miss anything!

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1. Neck pillow

Sure, a normal neck pillow works fine – this one, however, is a game-changer and something everyone should bring on their flight! It’s made of memory foam which makes it a lot more comfortable – therefore, sleeping won’t be a problem anymore!

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2. Airplane phone holder

An airplane phone holder will make the plane ride feel so much shorter! No more struggling with holding the phone for the whole time, now you can just put it in the phone holder, lean back and relax!

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3. Airplane pocket organizer

How amazing to be able to whip this out of the bag once you’re on the plane, and in a second have the things you need for the flight close to you in an organized way. If you like being able to find what you’re looking for quickly, this is a must-have!

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4. Kindle

When I travel I think it’s a neccessity to have good entertainment with you. A kindle is perfect to make the time pass fast as you can bring as many books as you want without having to bring the actual books!

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5. Noise cancelling headphones

These are my go-to headphones and as I’m writing this I’m actually using them listening to music. I like in-ear headphones as they don’t take up as much space in your bag, and I bring these JBL noise cancelling headphones everywhere I go! If you’re like me who needs to listen to music or a podcast or watch a movie while flying, these headphones should be your new go-to’s as well. You don’t have to hear people talking or a baby crying anymore!

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6. Foldable water bottle

I’m someone who needs to have a water bottle close to me all the time. If I don’t, I get a little stressed, especially when traveling. I love the idea of having a water bottle that folds into a tiny thing, because sometimes – like going through TSA – it’s very inconvenient having a bulky water bottle in your bag. I think this bottle is a great solution to that!

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7. Mini perfume bottle

When I get off a plane, I think I’m not the only one that feels somewhat sweaty and yucky. I hate not smelling good! That’s why a lipstick-sized perfume bottle that you can fill with your own perfume sounds perfect to me.

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8. Microfiber towel

I love microfiber towels when I travel. It’s great to bring to the beach and to use in a hostel, but the great thing about them are that you can bring them in your carry-on and use it as a blanket on the plane ride! I get cold very easily which is why I started using my microfiber towel even when I was all dressed and dry: on the bus, airplane, at the gate – you name it!

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9. Silk eye mask

What’s more uncomfortable than knowing how many people could be staring at you while you sleep on a plane? A silk eye mask helps with that, in my opinion, as it gives you the feeling of a little more privacy. It being silk is also great for your skin, and very comfy.

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10. Airplane foot rest

Me being close to 5″9, 175cm, I have kinda long legs, which is not ideal for plane seats. I move my feet around and can never seem to feel 100% comfortable, which is why I think this is just the perfect thing! This one has a separate section for each foot and can easily be attached to the seat in front of you. Perfect to bring in your carry-on!

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11. Travel journal

When you’ve finished all your movies and episodes and you’re bored of reading, having a travel journal in your bag is a great option. I can promise it will be so much fun looking back at once you’re home again!

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12. Pen

This goes hand-in-hand with the travel journal, because you NEED a pen to be able to write in it. It’s so easy to forget, but I make sure I always bring a pen so I can journal or fill out important travel documents. Don’t forget to bring a pen!

13. Underwear and socks

Once I lost my checked in luggage for two weeks, which is why I nowadays always pack extra underwear and socks in my carry-on. An extra set of clothes is also great to bring.

14. Portable charger

Keeping your electronics charged, especially your phone, is very important when traveling. That’s why I would definitely recommend bringing a portable charger, so your phone never runs out of battery.

15. Cable organizer

If you want to stay organized while traveling, a cable organizer is a great way of doing so. You can keep all your chargers and cables in one spot, which makes everything more accessible!

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16. Hair tie

NEVER forget a hair tie if you have long hair! In fact, bring several as they are so easy to lose! If you’re going somewhere warm, this is even more important. I always pack hair ties in my carry-on because I can’t stand having my hair down or in my face when my neck is all sweaty!

17. Toothbrush + toothpaste

I feel like this goes without saying, but feeling fresh after a flight is amazing. Bring your tootbrush and toothpaste in your carry-on, so you never have to worry about bad breath! Putting them in the carry-on instead of the checked bag is important, because it makes it possible to get them out during the flight or in the airport bathroom as well.

18. Makeup eraser

If you get tired of wearing your makeup, these makeup eraser towels are perfect to bring in your carry-on. I swear by these, you only need water for them to work! They are small, lightweight, and you can bring as many as you want through TSA!

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19. Disinfecting hand wipes

Sometimes, especially after the pandemic, I want to make sure the areas I’m using are clean. That’s why these hand sanitizing wipes are great to bring on a flight, as you can use it to wipe off the tray table as well.

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20. Earplugs

If you want to sleep peacefully, I would definitely recommend bringing earplugs. It’s great for the flight, but also great once you arrive at your destination if you’re staying in a hostel with other people or if the hotel room walls are thin.

21. Packing cubes

I don’t know why I waited so long to put packing cubes on the list! I will never travel without packing cubes again because they keep me organized, and makes it possible for me to bring more clothes! If you’re traveling carry-on-only, packing cubes are must-haves as they fit more clothes, and even if you have a checked-in luggage, it’s great to bring some extra clothes in case your luggage gets delayed.

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Good luck on your next flight! I can guarantee you it will be more smooth if you bring some of these items in your carry-on. Travel smarter, not harder!

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